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Aurora Nutriceutics

It was founded in Bergamo in 1993 by a small group of doctors, pharmacists and through nutriceutic laboratories led by Albert Garoli, always oriented towards the concepts of prevention and orthomolecular integration. Aurora Nutriceutics concentrates all efforts on the quality and above all on the efficacy of products that can be entrusted to specialists in the sector with the certainty of statistically verifiable results and the use of raw materials based on solid clinical experience.

Our Mission

Provide top-quality nutriceutic product lines based on research over the last 20 years in metabolic, phytotherapeutic and orthomolecular areas.

Our Vision

The Aurora Nutriceutics brand is synonymous with seriousness in international research and based on a model of Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) that allows a clear and precise vision of the effective use of food integration and preventive approach.